• Center of Innovation

    At the MIT ORC, our vibrant community of scholars and researchers work collaboratively to connect data to decisions in order to solve problems effectively—and impact the world positively. 

  • Research

    At the MIT ORC, we highly value research and the important role it plays in operations research and analytics. That’s why our students are actively engaged in research from the start.

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  • Global Impact

    Our impact can be felt around the world in areas ranging from finance to education to health care. We create mathematical models to help individuals and organizations make smarter decisions—and to improve society as a whole. 

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  • ORC Community

    The MIT ORC is made up of a supportive community of creative and talented students and faculty who work together to positively impact the world.

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  • Analytics

    Analytics is the science of using data to build models that lead to decisions that add value to institutions, companies, and individuals.

Jean Pauphilet

Optimizing complex decision-making

“Operations in practice are very messy, but I think that’s what makes them exciting,” - Jean Pauphilet.

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Algorithm quickly simulates a roll of loaded dice

The fast and efficient generation of random numbers has long been an important challenge.

Undergraduates develop next-generation intelligence tools

The coronavirus pandemic has driven us apart physically while reminding us of the power of technology to connect

ORC Commencement Reception
Friday, May 29, 2020

ORC Commencement Reception

Open to the ORC community – come and celebrate with the ORC graduates.  

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