Master of Business Analytics

MIT’s Operations Research Center (ORC), in conjunction with MIT’s Sloan School of Management, offers a new, specialized master’s degree program in business analytics (MBAn). 

As a recognized leader in operations research (OR), we designed this program in response to the growing need for highly skilled practitioners in the field of business analytics. It is well-suited for recent college graduates who plan to pursue a career in the data science industry, as well as for those who are seeking a career change, especially engineers, mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers, and other high-tech professionals.

In addition to the writing competency requirements, our rigorous curriculum combines concentrated classroom instruction with valuable hands-on learning opportunities. In fact, you’ll complete a 10-week summer capstone project, for which you’ll work in a small group at a U.S. or international company solving a real-world data science problem; your group will present its findings to members of the company as well as faculty from MIT Sloan and the ORC.

Upon completion of this one-year program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to harvest actionable insights from vast amounts of data in such fields as finance, consulting, health care, and manufacturing. You will be sought after by employers because of your unique ability to build models that solve problems and lead to better, smarter business decisions.

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