Students on the Market

Graduate Student Directory

The Graduate Student Directory is a booklet of ORC student resumes that is compiled each year and is circulated to universities and private companies. The primary focus of this effort is on permanent job placement; however, students have also had success in finding summer jobs through this vehicle. Employers who are interested in hiring a student can contact the student directly.

The latest Graduate Student Directory can be found here.


Students on the Market

A listing of ORC students on the job market.

Dimitris Bertsimas
Research Interests: My primary research interests lie at Optimization and Machine Learning intersection, with applications to Computer Vision, Time Series analysis, Chaos and Weather prediction, and Healthcare. I am looking for a Research Summer internship in 2021 where I could apply and develop further my Machine Learning experience.​


Juan Pablo Vielma
Research Interests: Interested in linear/integer/combinatorial programming, especially large-scale methods and approximation algorithms; robust optimization, multistage models and approximations, MDPs, data-driven methods, and theory and applications in network flows. They are also interested in large-scale network algorithms, network design problems, logistics, airlines, and supply chains.


Rahul Mazumder
Research Interests: I am generally interested in large-scale optimization for fundamental problems in statistical machine learning and data science.Currently, I am working at the interface of discrete and continuous optimization to learn compact, interpretable models at scale. I am also applying these models to recommender systems at Google and to insurance at Liberty Mutual. I am looking for an academic position.


Michael Lingzhi
Dimitris Bertsimas
Research Interests: My general research interests are in scalable optimization and its real-world applications into various industries (insurance, healthcare, logistics).  I am looking for either an academic position where I can further my research on scalable machine learning algorithms, apply it to real-world problems, and teach undergraduate/MBA students, or a technical consulting position in which I can utilize my skills in optimization and machine learning to generate real-world impact across industries.


Retsef Levi, Georgia Perakis
Research Interests: My general research interest is in analytics for social good, with applications in the public and non-profit sectors. My current research focuses on designing supply chain and public policy interventions for creating better access to, and consumption of, fruits and vegetables. I am looking for an academic position.


Retsef Levi
Research Interests: My primary research area is studying food safety and zoonotic disease risks in agricultural supply chains, especially from a regulatory/policy perspective. My secondary research area is auctions (online algorithms, mechanism design). I am exploring both academic (assistant professor) and industry (tech, finance) positions.


Dimitris Bertsimas, Rahul Mazumder
Research Interests: My research background includes investigating machine learning through an optimization lens and applying machine learning methods and data analytics to healthcare problems. I am seeking an industry position on a collaborative team applying operations research and data science techniques in the healthcare domain.