PhD and Masters Theses

Whether you are a member of our doctoral degree (PhD) program or our master’s degree (SM) program in operations research, you will write a thesis based on original, independent research conducted under the guidance of our expert faculty.

Below you will find a listing by year of the research performed by ORC students.

Theses are available on the DSpace@MIT online archive. If you would like to request a copy of a thesis, please contact MIT Document Services at 617.253.5650 or

MIT Document Services owns the copyrights for all MIT student theses.

PhD Theses by Year


Behdin, Kayhan Statistical Learning with Discrete Structures: Statistical and Computational Perspectives, June 2024

Bennouna, Mohammed Amine Efficient Robustness and Interpretability in Learning and Data-Driven Decision-Making, June 2024

Blanchard, Moïse Fundamental Limits of Learning for Generalizability, Data Resilience, and Resource Efficiency, June 2024

Das Gupta, Shuvomoy Advances in Computer-Assisted Design and Analysis of First-Order Optimization Methods and Related, June 2024

Shah, Sohil Information Design for Platform-Enabled Operations, June 2024

Thayaparan, Leann Analytics and Decision Making in Sustainable Operations, June 2024

Villalobos Carballo, Kimberly M. Integrating Optimization and Modern Machine Learning: Theory, Computation, and Healthcare Applications, June 2024

Wang, Haoyue Large-scale Algorithms for Machine Learning: Efficiency, Estimation Errors, and Beyond, June 2024

Zeng, Cynthia Multimodal Machine Learning for Climate Adaptation, June 2024


Boussioux, Léonard Multimodality: Models, Algorithms, and Applications, June 2023

Chen, Wenyu Optimization Methods for Machine Learning under Structural Constraints, June 2023

Cummings, Kayla Toward Microtransit: Design and Operations of Reservation-based Systems, September 2023

Digalakis, Vasileios Analytics under Variability, Volume, and Velocity with Applications to Sustainability and Healthcare, June 2023

Gilmour, Samuel Allocating Scarce Resources: Modeling and Optimization, June 2023

Gong, Xiaoyue Data-Driven Decision Making in Operations Management, June 2023

Liang, Jason Cheuk Nam Automated Data-driven Algorithm and Mechanism Design in Online Advertising Markets, June 2023

Na, Liangyuan Optimal Decision Making for Healthcare Operations: Models and Implementation, June 2023

Susan, Fransisca Online Combinatorial Optimization for Digital Marketplaces, June 2023

Wilde, Joshua Analytics-Enabled Quality and Safety Management Methods for High-Stakes Manufacturing Applications, February 2023

Zhao, Renbo New Theory and Algorithms for Convex Optimization with Non-Standard Structures, June 2023

Zheng, Andrew Experimentation and Control in Online Platforms, June 2023


Baek, Jackie Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice, September 2022

Coey, Christopher Daniel Lang Interior point and outer approximation methods for conic optimization, May 2022

Cohen, Peter L. Algorithmic Approaches to Nonparametric Causal Inference, May 2022

Cory-Wright, Ryan Integer and Matrix Optimization: A Nonlinear Approach, May 2022

Foncea Araneda, Patricio Tomas Learning and Optimization in Modern Retail​, September 2022

Gibson, Emma Optimizing Healthcare Delivery in Resource-Limited​, September 2022

Kapelevich, Lea Techniques for handling nonsymmetric cones in interior point algorithms, May 2022

Lahlou Kitane, Driss Sparsity in Machine Learning: Theory and Applications, February 2022

Li, Michael Lingzhi Algorithms for Large-scale Data Analytics and Applications to the COVID-19 Pandemic, February 2022

Meigs, Emily Information and Incentives in Online Platforms​, September 2022

Papalexopoulos, Theodore P. Multi-Objective Optimization for Public Policy, May 2022

Paskov, Ivan Spassimirov Stable Machine Learning, February 2022.

Paynter, Jonathan Modeling Aspects of Military Readiness, May 2022

Skali Lami, Omar Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Operations Management, May 2022

Sobiesk, Matthew Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications in Health Care, February 2022

Spantidakis, Ioannis Constrained Inventory Optimization on Complex Warehouse Networks​, September 2022

Wiberg, Holly Mika Data-driven healthcare via constraint learning and analytics, May 2022

Xu, Qingyang Financial and Analytic Innovations for Therapeutic Development, May 2022


Amar, Jonathan Z. Algorithmic Advancements in the Practice of Revenue Management, February 2021.

Bandi, Hari Improving Efficiency and Fairness in Machine Learning: a Discrete Optimization Approach, September 2021.

Delarue, Arthur Optimizing School Operations, June 2021.

Hazimeh, Hussein Sparse Learning using Discrete Optimization: Scalable Algorithms and Statistical Insights, September 2021.

Koduri, Nihal Essays on Decision Making Under Uncertainty, June 2021.

Orfanoudaki, Agni Novel Machine Learning Algorithms for Personalized Medicine and Insurance, June 2021.

Paulson, Elisabeth Healthy Food Access and Consumption: Informing Interventions Through Analytics, September 2021.

Renegar, Nicholas Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning for the Risk-Based Management of Agricultural Supply Chains, September 2021.

Sinha, Deeksha Optimization for Online Platforms, February 2021.


Berk, Lauren New Optimization Approaches to Matrix Factorization Problems with Connections to Natural Language Processing, June 2020.

Chodrow, Philip S. Structure, Dynamics, and Inference in Networks, September 2020.

Cohen-Hillel, Tamar Past Price and Trend Effects in Promotion Planning; from Prediction to Prescription, September 2020.

Gaudio, Julia Investigations in Applied Probability and High-Dimensional Statistics, June 2020.

Hu, Michael Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Outpatient Healthcare Operations, February 2020.

Hunter, David New Approaches to Maximizing Influence in Large-Scale Social Networks, February 2020.

Lamperski, Jourdain Bernard Structural and Algorithmic Aspects of Linear Inequality Systems, September 2020.

Lu, Jing Probabilistic Models and Optimization Algorithms for Large-scale Transportation Problems, February 2020.

Pauphilet, Jean Algorithmic Advancements in Discrete Optimization Applications to Machine Learning and Healthcare Operations, June 2020.

Singhvi, Divya Data-Driven Decision Making in Online and Offine Retail, September 2020.

Singhvi, Somya Improving Farmers' and Consumers' Welfare in Agricultural Supply Chains via Data-driven Analytics and Modeling: From Theory to Practice, September 2020.

Sturt, Bradley Eli Dynamic Optimization in the Age of Big Data, June 2020.

Wang, Li Online and Offline Learning in Operations, September 2020.

Wang, Yuchen Interpretable Machine Learning Methods with Applications to Health Care, June 2020.

Yan, Julia From Data to Decisions in Urban Transit and Logistics, June 2020.

Zhang, Kevin Real-Time Calibration of Large-Scale Traffic Simulators: Achieving Efficiency Through the Use of Analytical Models, September 2020.


Baardman, Lennart Analytics in Promotional Pricing and Advertising, June 2019.

Beeler, Michael Francis Inference and Decision Models for Regulatory and Business Challenges in Low-Income Countries, September 2019.

Biggs, Max Prescriptive Analytics in Operations Problems: a Tree Ensemble Approach, September 2019.

Burq, Maximilien Dynamic Matching Algorithms, February, 2019.

Chen, Louis Lester Distributionally Robust Optimization with Marginals: Theory and Applications, September 2019.

Fields, Evan Demand Uncensored: Inferring Demand for Car-Sharing Mobility Services Using Data-Driven and Simulation-Based Techniques, February, 2019.

Hariss, Rim Data-driven Optimization with Behavioral Considerations: Applications to Pricing, September 2019.

Lu, Haihao Large-Scale Optimization Methods for Data-Science Applications, June 2019.

Martin, Sebastien The Edge of Large-Scale Optimization in Transportation and Machine Learning, June 2019.

McCord, Christopher George Data-Driven Dynamic Optimization with Auxiliary Covariates, June 2019.

Mellou, Konstantina Resource Scheduling and Optimization in Dynamic and Complex Transportation Settings, June 2019.

Mundru, Nishanth Predictive and Prescriptive Methods in Operations Research and Machine Learning: An Optimization Approach, June 2019.

Nambiar, Mila Data-driven Pricing and Inventory Management with Applications in Fashion Retail, September 2019.

Ng, Yee Sian Advances in Data-Driven Models for Transportation, June 2019.

Pawlowski, Colin Machine Learning for Problems with Missing and Uncertain Data with Applications to Personalized Medicine, June 2019.

Tay, Joel Integrated Robust and Adaptive Methods in the Heating Oil Industry, February, 2019.

Zadik, Ilias Computational and Statistical Challenges in High Dimensional Statistical Models, September 2019.


Amjad, Muhammad Jehangir Sequential Data Inference via Matrix Estimation: Causal Inference, Cricket and Retail, September 2018.

Chen, Chongli Daniel Operations Management in a Large Online Retailer: Inventory, Scheduling and Picking, September 2018.

Copenhaver, Martin Steven Sparsity and robustness in modern statistical estimation, June 2018.

Dunn, Jack William Optimal Trees for Prediction and Prescription, June 2018.

Galle, Virgile Optimization Models and Methods for Storage Yard Operations in Maritime Container Terminals, February 2018.

Goh, Chong Yang Learning with Structured Decision Constraints, June 2018.

Goh, Siong Thye Machine Learning Approaches to Challenging Problems: Interpretable Imbalanced Classification, Interpretable Density Estimation, and Causal Inference, June 2018.

Gutin, Eli Practical Applications of Large-Scale Stochastic Control for Learning and Optimization, September 2018.

Huchette, Joseph Andrew Advanced mixed-integer programming formulations: Methodology, computation, and application, June 2018.

Li, Andrew A. Algorithms for Large-Scale Personalization, June 2018.

Ma, Will (Wei) Dynamic, Data-driven Decision-making in Revenue Management, September 2018.

Owen, Zachary Davis Owen Revenue Management and Learning in Systems of Reusable Resources, June 2018.

Papush, Anna Data-Driven Methods for Personalized Product Recommendation Systems, February 2018.

Pixton, Clark Operational Decisions and Learning for Multiproduct Retail, June 2018.

Tracà, Stefano Regulating exploration in multi-armed bandit problems with time patterns and dying arms, June 2018.

Udwani, Rajan Vignettes on Robust Combinatorial Optimization, September 2018.

Wang, Shujing Improving Behavioral Decision Making in Operations and Food Safety Management, September 2018.

Zhuo, Ying Daisy New Algorithms in Machine Learning with Applications in Personalized Medicine, June 2018.


Aouad, Mohammed Revenue Management in Face of Choice Heterogeneity, September 2017.

Cheung, Wang Chi Data-driven Algorithms for Operational Problems, February 2017.

Eschenfeldt, Patrick Clark Multiserver Queueing Systems in Heavy Traffic, February 2017.

Flajolet, Arthur Adaptive Optimization Problems under Uncertainty with Limited Feedback, June 2017.

Gupta, Swati Combinatorial Structures in Online and Convex Optimization, June 2017.

Korolko, Nikita A Robust Optimization Approach to Online Problems, June 2017.

Kung, Jerry Lai An Analytics Approach to Problems in Health Care, June 2017.

Lubin, Miles Mixed-Integer Convex Optimization: Outer Approximation Algorithms and Modeling Power, September 2017.

Marks, Christopher E. Analytic Search Methods in Online Social Networks, June 2017.

Thraves Cortés-Monroy, Charles Mark New Applications in Revenue Management, June 2017.

Weinstein, Alexander Michael From Data to Decisions in Healthcare: An Optimization Perspective, June 2017.

Yan, Chiwei Airline Scheduling and Air Traffic Control: Incorporating Passenger and Airline Preferences and Uncertainty, September 2017.


Dunning, Iain Robert Advances in Robust and Adaptive Optimization: Algorithms, Software, and Insights, June 2016.

Grigas, Paul Methods for Convex Optimization and Statistical Learning, September 2016.

Misic, Velibor V. Data, Models and Decisions for Large-Scale Stochastic Optimization Problem, June 2016.

Remorov, Alexander Dynamic Trading and Behavioral Finance, June 2016.

Shaposhnik, Yaron Exploration vs. Exploitation: Reducing Uncertainty in Operational Problems, September 2016.

Shi, Peng Prediction and Optimization in School Choice, June 2016.

Wang, He Dynamic Learning and Optimization for Operations Management Problems, June 2016.

Youssef, Nataly Stochastic Analysis via Robust Optimization, February 2016.

Yuan, Rong Velocity-based Storage and Stowage Decisions in a Semi-automated Fulfillment System, September 2016.


Bisias, Dimitrios Applications of Optimal Portfolio Management, September 2015.

Calmon, Andre du Pin Reverse Logistics for Consumer Electronics: Forecasting Failures, Managing Inventory, and Matching Warranties, June 2015.

Cohen, Maxime C. Pricing for Retail, Social Networks and Green Technologies, September 2015.

Fagnan, David Erik Analytics for Financing Drug Development, June 2015.

Johnson, Kris Analytics for Online Markets, June 2015.

Kallus, Nathan From Data to Decisions Through New Interfaces Between Optimization and Statistics, June 2015.

King, Angela Regression under a Modern Optimization Lens, June 2015.

Letham, Benjamin Statistical Learning for Decision Making: Interpretability, Uncertainty, and Inference, June 2015.

Lin, Maokai Optimization and Equilibrium in Dynamic Networks and Applications in Traffic Systems, February 2015.

Silberholz, John Analytics for Improved Cancer Screening and Treatment, September 2015.

Wang, Hai Design and Operation of a Last Mile Transportation System, June 2015.


Anderson, Ross Michael Stochastic Models and Data Driven Simulations for Healthcare Operations, June 2014.

Elmachtoub, Adam Nabil New Approaches for Integrating Revenue and Supply Chain Management, September, 2014.

Gupta, Vishal Data-Driven Models for Uncertainty and Behavior, June 2014.

Leung, Ngai-Hang Zachary Three Essays in Operations Management, September, 2014.

Zhu, Zhe New Statistical Techniques for Designing Future Generation Retirement and Insurance Solutions, September, 2014.


Bandi, Chaithanya Tractable Stochastic Analysis in High Dimensions via Robust Optimization, June 2013.

Chiraphadhanakul, Virot Large-Scale Analytics and Optimization in Urban Transportation: Improving Public Transit and Its Integration with Vehicle-Sharing Services, June 2013.

Figueroa, Cristian Ricardo Emission Regulations in the Electricity Market: An Analysis from Consumers, Producers and Central Planner Perspectives, September 2013.

Fontana, Matthew William Optimal Routes for Electric Vehicles Facing Uncertainty, Congestion, and Energy Constraints, September 2013.

Keller, Philipp Wilhelm Tractable Multi-product Pricing under Discrete Choice Models, June 2013.

Lu, Xin Online Optimization Problems, June 2013.

Monsch, Matthieu Large Scale Prediction Models and Algorithms, September 2013.

O'Hair, Allison Kelly Personalized Diabetes Management, June 2013.

Simchi-Levi, David Effectiveness and Design of Sparse Process Flexibilities, June 2013.

Uichanco, Joline Ann Villaranda Data-driven Optimization and Analytics for Operations Management Applications, September 2013.


Acimovic, Jason Andrew  Lowering Outbound Shipping Costs in an Online Retail Environment by Making Better Fulfillment and Replenishment Decisions, September 2012.

Chang, Allison An  Integer Optimization Methods for Machine Learning, June 2012.

Frankovich, Michael Joseph Air Traffic Flow Management at Airports: A Unified Optimization Approach, September 2012.

Gupta, Shubham  A Tractable Optimization Framework for Air Traffic Flow Management Addressing Fairness, Collaboration and Stochasticity, June 2012.

Lobel, Ruben Pricing and Incentive Design in Applications of Green Technology Subsidies and Revenue Management, June 2012.

Shi, Cong Provably Near-Optimal Algorithms for Multi-stage Stochastic Optimization Models in Operations Management, September 2012.

Sun, Wei Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains, Congested Systems and Joint Ventures, September 2012.

Telha Cornejo, Claudio  Algorithms and Hardness Results for the Jump Number Problem, the Joint Replenishment Problem, and the Optimal Clustering of Frequency-Constrained Maintenance Jobs, February 2012.

Teytelman, Anna Modeling Reduction of Pandemic Influenza Using Pharmaceutical and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in a Heterogeneous Population, June 2012.

Zhong, Yuan Resource Allocation in Stochastic Processing Networks: Performance and Scaling, September 2012.


Becker, Adrian Bernard Druke  Decomposition Methods for Large Scale Stochastic and Robust Optimization Problems, September 2011.

Chhaochhria, Pallav Forecast-driven Tactical Planning Models for Manufacturing Systems, September 2011.

Dunkel, Juliane  The Gomory-Chv´atal Closure: Polyhedrality, Complexity, and Extensions, June 2011.

Goldberg, David Alan  Large Scale Queueing Systems: Asymptotics and Insights, June 2011.

Kluberg, Lionel J.  Competition and Loss of Eciency: From Electricity Markets to Pollution Control, June 2011.

Michalek Pfeil, Diana Optimization of Airport Terminal-Area Air Traffic Operations under Uncertain Weather Conditions, June 2011.

Mittal, Shashi Algorithms for Discrete, Non-Linear and Robust Optimization Problems with Applications in Scheduling and Service Operations, September 2011.

Rikun, Alexander Anatolyevich Applications of Robust Optimization to Queueing and Inventory Systems, June 2011.

Sun, Xu Andy Advances in Electric Power Systems: Robustness, Adaptability, and Fairness, September 2011.

Trichakis, Nikolaos K. Fairness in Operations: From Theory to Practice, June 2011.

Williams, Gareth Pierce Dynamic Order Allocation for Make-To-Order Manufacturing Networks: An Industrial Case Study of Optimization Under Uncertainty, June 2011.

Zarybnisky, Eric Jack Maintenance Scheduling for Modular Systems–Models and Algorithms, September 2011.


Bimpikis, Kostas Strategic Delay and Information Exchange in Endogenous Social Networks, September 2010. 

Doan, Xuan Vinh Optimization under Moment, Robust, and Data-Driven Models of Uncertainty, February 2010. 

Fearing, Douglas The Case for Coordination: Equity, Efficiency and Passenger Impacts in Air Traffic Flow Management, Septmeber 2010. 

Iancu, Dan Andrei Adaptive Robust Optimization with Applications in Inventory and Revenue Management, Septmeber 2010. 

Menjoge, Rajiv New Procedures for Visualizing Data and Diagnosing Regression Models, June 2010. 

Weber, Theophane Correlation Decay and Decentralized Optimization in Graphical Models, February 2010. 


Harsha, Pavithra - Mitigating Airport Congestion: Market Mechanisms and Airline Response Models, February 2009.

Lobel, Ilan - Social Networks: Rational Learning and Information Aggregation, September 2009.

Lu, Ye - Essays on Inventory, Pricing and Financial Trading Strategies, September 2009.

Nguyen, Tri-Dung - Robust Estimation, Regression and Ranking with Applications in Portfolio Optimization, June 2009.

Nigmatulina, Karima Robert - Modeling and Responding to Pandemic Influenza: Importance of Population Distributional Attributes and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions, June 2009.

Stratila, Dan - Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Concave Costs, February 2009.


Bjarnadottir, Margret - Data-Driven Approach to Health Care: Applications Using Claims Data, September 2008.

Chandler, Lincoln J. - The Minority Achievement Gap in a Suburban School District, June 2008.

Czerwinski, David - Quality of Care and Drug Surveillance: A Data-Driven Perspective, June 2008.

Mamani, Hamed - Supply Chain Coordination and Influenza Vaccination, September 2008.

Pei, Pamela - Towards a Unified Theory of Procurement Contract Design: Production Flexibility, Spot Market Trading, and Contract Structure, June 2008.

Rogozhnikov, Dmitriy - Algorithmic issues in queueing systems and combinatorial counting problems, September 2008.

Shah, Premal - Analysis of Employee Stock Options and Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefits for Life, September 2008.

Uhan, Nelson - Algorithmic and Game-Theoretic Perspectives on Scheduling, June 2008.


Chan, Timothy - Optimization under Uncertainty in Radiation Therapy, June 2007.

Goundan, Pranava - Essays on Optimization and Incentive Contracts, June 2007.

Kaminski, Kathryn - General Superposition Strategies and Asset Allocation, June 2007.

Le-Tallec, Yann - Robust, Risk-Sensitive, and Data-driven Control of Markov Decision Processes, February 2007.

Shum, Wanhang - Effective Contracts in Supply Chains, June 2007.

Simon, Carine - Dynamic Pricing with Demand Learning under Competition, September 2007.

Sivaraman, Raghavendran - Capacity Expansion in Contemporary Telecommunication Networks, September 2007.

Teo, Kwong Meng - Nonconvex Robust Optimization, June 2007.


Adida, Elodie - Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with no Backorders under Uncertainty and Competition, June 2006.

Gupta, Shobhit - Buyout Prices in Online Auctions, June 2006.

McCann, Lauren - Robust Model Selection and Outlier Detection in Linear Regression, June 2006.

Meyers, Carol - Network Flow Problems and Congestion Games: Complexity and Approximation Results, June 2006.

Nogueira, Alexandre - Studies Integrating Geometry, Probability, and Optimization Under Convexity, June 2006.

Roels, Guillaume - Information and Decentralization in Inventory, Supply Chain, and Transportation Systems, June 2006.

Wagner, Michael - Online Optimization in Routing and Scheduling, June 2006.

Yee, Michael - Inferring Noncompensatory Choice Heuristics, June 2006.


Aghassi, Michele Leslie- Robust Optimization, Game Theory, and Variational Inequalities, September 2005.

Bompadre, Agustin- Three Essays on Sequencing and Routing Problems, June 2005.

Martonosi, Susan Elizabeth- An Operations Research Approach to Aviation Security, September 2005.

Xu, Ping Josephine- Order Fulfillment in Online Retailing: What Goes Where, September 2005.


Kang, Laura Sumi - Degradable Airline Scheduling: an Approach to Improve Operational Robustness and Differentiate Service Quality, February 2004.

Correa, José Rafael - Approximation Algorithms for Packing and Scheduling Problems, June 2004.

Craft, David - Local Energy Management Through Mathematical Modeling and Optimization, September 2004.

Farahat, Amr - Tractability Through Approximation: A Study of Two Discrete Optimization Problems, September 2004.

Lesnaia, Ekaterina - Optimizing Safety Stock Placement in General Network Supply Chains, September 2004.

Martínez-de-Albéniz, Victor - Portfolio Strategies in Supply Contracts, June 2004.

Sim, Melvyn - Robust Optimization, June 2004.

Sood, Anshul - Competitive Multi-period Pricing for Perishable Products, June 2004.

Stier-Moses, Nicolás E. - Selfish Versus Coordinated Routing in Network Games, June 2004.

Zaretsky, Marina - Essays on Variational Inequalities and Competitive Supply Chain Models, September 2004.



Beil, Damian Two Topics in Online Auctions, June 2003.

Chen, Xin Coordinating Inventory Control and Pricing Strategies, June 2003.

De boer, Sanne Advances in Airline Revenue Management and Pricing, June 2003.

Hawkins, Jeffrey A Largrangian Decomposition Approach to Weakly Coupled Dynamic Optimization Problems and its Applications, June 2003.

Kumar, Mahesh Error-based Clustering and Its Application to Sales Forecasting in Retail Merchandising, September 2003.         

Mersereau, Adam Dynamic Optimization for Adaptive Customized Marketing, September 2003.   

Shioda, Romy Integer Optimization in Data Mining, June 2003.

Sun, Peng Constructing Learning Models from Data: The Dynamic Catalog Mailing Problem, June 2003. 

Wu, Joseph T. Optimization of Influenza Vaccine Strain Selection, June 2003.


Bossert, John Modeling and Solving Variations of the Network Loading Problem, September 2002.

Cohn, Amy E. Composite-Variable Modeling for Large-Scale Problems in Transportation and Logistics, June 2002. 

Kachani, Soulaymane Dynamic Travel Time Models for Pricing and Route Guidance: A Fluid Dynamics Approach, June 2002.

Muharremoglu, Alp A New Perspective on Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems, September 2002.

Ordonez, Fernando On the Explanatory Value of Condition Numbers for Convex Optimization: Theoretical Issues and Computational Experience, September 2002.

Pachamanova, Dessislava A. A Robust Optimization Approach to Finance, June 2002. 

Rifkin, Ryan Everything Old is New Again: A Fresh Look at Historical Approaches in Machine Learning, September 2002.

Sharma, Dushyant Cyclic Exchange and Related Neighborhood Structures for Combinatorial Optimization Problems, June 2002.


Ergun, Ozlem New Neighborhood Search Algorithms Based on Exponentially Large Neighborhoods, June 2001. 

Haugh, Martin B. Essays in Financial Engineering, September 2001. 

Humair, Salal Yield Management for Telecommunication Networks: Defining a New Landscape, February 2001. 

Lauprete, Geoffrey J. Portfolio Risk Minimization under Departures from Normality, September 2001


Armacost, Andrew P. Composite Variable Formulation for Express Shipment Service Network Design, September 2000. 

Chew, Elaine Towards a Mathematical Model of Tonality, February 2000. 

Demir, Ramazan An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Discrete Optimization, June 2000. 

Gallien, Jérémie Optimization-Based Auctions and Stochastic Assembly Replenishment Policies for Industrial Procurement, June 2000. 

Hollywood, John S. Performance Evaluation and Optimization Models for Processing Networks with Queue-Dependent Production Quantities, June 2000. 

Hsu, Leon C. The Bottleneck Phenomenon in Scheduling of Transportation Systems, February 2000. 

Taylor, Jonathan D. Essays on the Empirical Properties of Stock and Mutual Fund Returns, June 2000.


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