Current Students

Institute Related Forms

  • Add/Drop Online – This form should be completed to add/drop a course. 
  • Graduate Student Petition – A petition is a written request filed on behalf of a graduate student with the ODGE seeking approval for a particular action or request pertaining to his/her degree program. For more information check the ODGE website.
  • Request for Non-Resident Status – Thesis research is ordinarily conducted on campus. However, on some occasions, work such as the gathering of data away from the Institute may be essential to the student’s thesis.  In these circumstances, students file for non-resident status. 
  • Thesis in Absentia – Similar to the request for non-resident status. 
  • Request for Transcript – Request an official MIT transcript from the Registrar’s Office 
  • Registration Form – Online registration form for courses.
  • Readmission Form - Digital form for readmission to MIT.

ORC-Related Forms

All of these forms must be completed and submitted to the Academic Administrator.

  • ORC Waiver Form (PDF) – In order to petition to the ORC to waive a course, this form must be completed. 
  • General Exam Committee Selection Form – This form is used by doctoral students in the selection of their General Exam Committee. 
  • Thesis Committee Form – This form is used by doctoral students for forming a Thesis Committee. The form must be signed by all three committee members. 
  • Thesis Certification Form - This form is to be signed by a student's Thesis Supervisor to certify that the thesis proposal meeting was held. 

Incoming Students

I-9 Employment Eligibility Form

Students who will hold an RA/TA position while at MIT must complete an I-9 form to receive a stipend check. Students must begin filling out the form online and complete the I-9 at the W20 Welcome Center (W20-021H). Please see the MIT HR website for a detailed information on this procedure. Important Note: If an I-9 is not submitted the ORC cannot process your research appointment in the system. It is imperative that you do this as soon as you arrive.

Direct Deposit Forms and Tax Withholding Forms

Students must also complete and submit a Direct Deposit Form and the required Tax withholding to the MIT Payroll Office prior to receiving your first paycheck. This is done online via the Atlas online gateway

Inventions & Proprietary Agreement Form

All MIT students are required to submit an Inventions and Proprietary Agreement form. This form should be completed online.