As students at MIT’s Operations Research Center, we developed strong, lasting relationships with our peers, as we worked side by side using and analyzing data to solve problems together. That spirt of collaboration and camaraderie is a hallmark of the ORC—and it’s what keeps us connected long after we leave MIT.

We are proud to call ourselves alumni of this prestigious program. We are inspired to share our specialized knowledge and technical skills in the fields of operations research and analytics. And we are committed to using what we know to have a positive impact on organizations and individuals worldwide.  

See what some of our fellow alumni have to say about their time at the ORC.




We would like to encourage all interested ORC alumni to join this group in order to maximize the advantages of this MIT ORC professional network. This would then be a platform that could help our community members to reconnect, stay in touch, and provide an efficient way to share professional common interests. LinkedIn has also shown itself to be a powerful tool for both recruiting talent and being found by employers. If you already have a LinkedIn account, you can join the group by searching MIT ORC or by clicking here.