Students on the Market

Graduate Student Directory

The Graduate Student Directory is a booklet of ORC student resumes that is compiled each year and is circulated to universities and private companies. The primary focus of this effort is on permanent job placement; however, students have also had success in finding summer jobs through this vehicle. Employers who are interested in hiring a student can contact the student directly.

The latest Graduate Student Directory can be found here.


Students on the Market

A listing of ORC students on the job market.

Dimitris Bertsimas
Research Interests: My primary research interests lie at Optimization and Machine Learning intersection, with applications to Computer Vision, Time Series analysis, Chaos and Weather prediction, and Healthcare. I am looking for a Research Summer internship in 2021 where I could apply and develop further my Machine Learning experience.​


Juan Pablo Vielma
Research Interests: Interested in linear/integer/combinatorial programming, especially large-scale methods and approximation algorithms; robust optimization, multistage models and approximations, MDPs, data-driven methods, and theory and applications in network flows. They are also interested in large-scale network algorithms, network design problems, logistics, airlines, and supply chains.


Dimitris Bertsimas
Research Interests: My research interests lie at the intersection of optimization, machine learning and statistics. My work follows two threads. First, developing interpretable algorithms with optimality guarantees to address fundamental problems in optimization, machine learning and statistics efficiently. Second, integrating renewables within energy markets to combat climate change. I am looking for a tenure-track academic position starting in fall 2022.


Michael Lingzhi
Dimitris Bertsimas
Research Interests: My general research interests are in scalable optimization and its real-world applications into various industries (insurance, healthcare, logistics).  I am looking for either an academic position where I can further my research on scalable machine learning algorithms, apply it to real-world problems, and teach undergraduate/MBA students, or a technical consulting position in which I can utilize my skills in optimization and machine learning to generate real-world impact across industries.


Dimitris Bertsimas, Rahul Mazumder
Research Interests: My research background includes investigating machine learning through an optimization lens and applying machine learning methods and data analytics to healthcare problems. I am seeking an industry position on a collaborative team applying operations research and data science techniques in the healthcare domain.